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Beschrijving activiteiten / Activities

Note: from here on we use English as much as possible, because we have international members and we would like to share results with an international audience.

Deelnemers werkgroep / members working group

In deze werkgroep werken:

  • Marcel Reuvers, Geonovum
  • Michel Grothe, Geonovum
  • Thijs Brentjens, Brentjens Geo-ICT, Geonovum
  • Erik van der Zee, Geodan / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Jandirk Bulens, Alterra / Wageningen-UR
  • Simon Jirka, 52North

Actuele vragen / current topics

During conversations at the kickoff in May and the days after, following suggestions were made in addition to the questions at Questions_raised_at_the_matchmaking_session:

  1. Provide a sensor registry in which participants of the living lab are able to register their sensors, data and services and are able to search for sensors, data and services of others. This way the participants in the living lab build experience with metadata, a sensor registry and are / should be able to easier find the results of others. <Erik van der Zee will coordinate this.> The page Quick scan published sensors and sensor networks lists some information that could be used to start with the register
  2. Create an infographic or something alike to visualize which standards are available in the entire chain from measurement to usage. A first version is available for download here: Overview of standards
  3. Is there a lightweight alternative for OGC SOS? For example a basic REST protocol? And/or JSON (instead of XML)? Is W3C active in this area? A: OGC Sensorthings API could be useful; it is still in development though.
  4. Collect best practices, demo's, initiatives and existing (pilot) projects. For example from mailinglists and the participants. Geonovum could facilitate an online survey as well.


Focus on:

  • interoperability between different providers, platforms (for example: ThingSpeak, + Freeboard, ...), API's and users
  • ...

Out of scope are:

  • hardware standards, standards for domotica
  • generic ICT standards and protocols, like Wifi, HTTP
  • ...

Relevante links / more information

Resultaten en bevindingen / results and findings

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) SWE standards

caption Sensor Web Enablement